We are a digital marketing agency, delivering high quality marketing permission leads to consumer brands and NGOs.


We are a Danish based digital marketing agency, delivering high quality telemarketing permission leads to consumer brands in areas like telecom, energy, insurance and NGO’s.

Principium Media was founded with the goal to become the leading player in the Danish market. We aim to be distinctive in our high professional standards, as well as our flexibility towards your needs.

We are driven by your results and satisfaction, and we are very performance-minded. Your success is our success.

Our founders have a combination of backgrounds from digital marketing, IT and management consultancy, and we have extensive experience working with CLV-focused businesses, such as telecom and energy utilities.

Our name “Principium” comes from latin meaning “the beginning” or “the first”, as the leads we deliver to your company, will be the beginning of the customer journey for your new customers

what we do

We deliver:

  • Valid and legal leads with permission
  • Fully compliant with GDPR and all local marketing and data laws
  • Segmentation and qualification of leads
  • Validation of data
  • High volume
  • Real-time delivery to you or directly to your call-center

Increase your sales and improve your ROI with us!


  • +45 27 83 70 53
  • CVR: 39739224


  • Principium Media ApS
    Howitzvej 60, 1.
    DK-2000 Frederiksberg
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